J.Score(hobbyist) of the examination process and how to apply AI score lending | card featured comparison

9/25/2017, the joint venture of Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and SOFTBANK with J.Score(hobbyist) that established the joint venture company.
J.SCOR(hobbyist), AI scores lending and offer personal financing service.
Scores for AI of Japan’s first lending (lending) service, and injected a new style in the financial services industry. My personal well J.Score(hobbyist) of is not felt, beginning a new era of financial services to see, what “AI scores lending is what? “That is not how many?
It is information in a nutshell, first entered based on applicant’s credit worthiness, AI score by will give you points.
AI scores are, maximum 1000 points, you can get loan under conditions likely to score less than good.
I think there are people who do not know the method of examination vary significantly and loan services, such as loans so far, though we now done is reviewed once in.
This screening process is of course J.Score(hobbyist, such as how to apply for the examination) of would want to talk about screening.
→ (J.Score(hobbyist) AI scores and lending through word of mouth reputation) and AI-prior to AI scores and lending-is easily explained by the AI scores lending “, huh!
“That I think for a little bit more want to cover.
AI stands for “Artificialintllignc” in Japan to mean that the “artificial intelligence”.
AI and refers to a variety of technologies in a pretty broad Word, say the word.
As one of the AI techniques from various “knowledge acquisition”, “machines learning to predict some future”, “feature extraction” technique.
AI scores and-creditworthiness and potential scoring using AI to continue scoring applicants from various information of the applicant’s creditworthiness and potential by utilizing the earlier described AI.
AI scores and says the figures were calculated by this.
Various information from big data owned by SOFTBANK and Mizuho Bank and applicant a score based on.
As well as the creditworthiness of the current estimated creditworthiness of prospective applicants from a wide range of items, such as lifestyle or hobby, we will calculate the score.But now you see an indication of whether or not it can pass examination on AI score the number visualized their creditworthiness before you apply.
Because it assumes that AI scores are living in Japan for more than 20 years old are available to calculate the AI score from birth, 20-year-old has become possible. “AI” and “AI score’ has been explained and AI scores and lending, but little by little it J.Score(hobbyist), has seen what we reviewed how is what not?
So, I want to explain about the AI scores lending based on the story so far.
AI scores and lending is presenting loan terms such as interest rates and credit reference based on AI score as calculated by the AI “personal consumption loan services”.
AI scores and lending is Japan’s first service is quite topical.
AI score calculated is merely gives a reference value of loan conditions.
Actual loan terms and whether or not to finance the additional J.Score(hobbyist) in will have an examination.
By AI score successful on the efficiency of services in the financial industry.
As a result, low-cost operation becomes possible, a high amount of low interest rates and it is not realized in credit loans.
AI scores and lending for the following J.Score(hobbyist) check out official video.
VIDEO source from:www.youtube.comAI score use method J.Score(hobbyist) for not to calculate the first AI score to use AI scores and lending.
Describes how to use AI scores and flow from here.
As a trend, this three-step.
I would try it so you can “easy score diagnosis prior to the membership by the way.
Received a jury member alone.
After calculating the scores, please review of loan application.
To utilize the Member registration AI scores first of all requires “Member registration”.
During the Member registration required is only only two.
Only two sets.
You will receive registration confirmation email to your email address after you entered.
Go to the URL listed in the email, your registration.The question itself is only brief descriptions and, not content to identify individuals.
If you answered a question in the score calculation chat, AI scores are immediately shown.
Make sure my score was some.
The reference value for the interest rate and credit limit depends on the AI score. AI score rates available limit amount of 950-1000-year 0.9%, 2.1% 10 million yen to 1, 000 million ¥ 900-949, 1.9%, 3.7% 10 million yen-7300000 ¥ 850-899, 3.5%, 5.4% 10 million yen ~ 5400000 ¥ 900-849 5.2%, 7.0% 10 million yen-4 million ¥ 700-799 years 6.8%, 9.5% 10 million yen-2600000 ¥ 600-699, 9.3%, 12.0% 10 million yen-1500000 ¥ 400
-599 – – will change as your VIDEO source source:www.yutube.CMJ.scre(hobbyist’s AI score) of the judging will done based on AI score.
Whether or not actual loan terms and loan J.Score(hobbyist) determined by a predetermined examination.
AI scores calculated ago minds do not.
J.Score(hobbyist) on AI score will fluctuate, by adding a variety of information.
J.Score(hobbyist) in you get a feeling as you become a member, alongside the AI scores growing too.
Among them include something like the following as how to deal with AI score.
Score AP score history AI scores and lending score up J.Score(hobbyist) to increases AI accuracy by adding a variety of information.
For example, the own personality, hobbies and lifestyle.
Will be able to pass examination on AI score go up, lending service to use, better loan conditions.
Score history AI score grew along with the user’s changes.
Its growth is made and to see in the chart that can, at a glance you can see scores of.
Score their own chart easy to understand and know the process of growth that can lead to increased motivation, you can aim for higher credit worthiness.
AI scores and lending AI scores are higher, offers a better loan conditions.プロミス 苫小牧