For the proprietors of the bankruptcy proceedings. When it can no longer continue business attorney [masterpieces of caching:

When the individual business owner becomes overweight and the business is difficult to continue, in the case of self-bankruptcy, the debt excess is a state in which the total amount of the debt exceeds the total amount of the asset._x000D_
An individual employer is considered to be a liability surplus, which refers to a state in which the original deposit prepared for opening is negative._x000D_
However, even if the original payment is negative, there is no problem if the cash flow is successful._x000D_
It is time to think about self-bankruptcy when it becomes impossible to pay due to the debt exceeding, and the continuation of the business becomes difficult._x000D_
What is the difference between being able to continue personal business after bankruptcy? If you are an individual business owner, you may be worried that you may not be able to continue to work after your own bankruptcy._x000D_
It depends on the circumstances in which you are located._x000D_
Legally, it is not decided that you should not be in the same business after self-bankruptcy, you can continue your personal business and self-employment._x000D_
When a personal entrepreneur is self-bankrupt, the information of the financial accident is registered with the personal credit information agency for ten years._x000D_
This makes it impossible to use new borrowing or credit cards._x000D_
In the case of self-bankruptcy, you also have to dispose of your personal property, so you may lose the equipment you need for your business._x000D_
In addition, all other than the contract of the lifeline such as water supply, electricity, and gas must be canceled._x000D_
All contracts, such as leasing of work rooms and machines, will be eliminated._x000D_
In other cases, you may be able to avoid the obligation to pay for your own bankruptcy, but since you will stop paying for business partners, you will lose credibility and be unable to work with them._x000D_
In this way, you need to understand that even if you want to continue to work, you may not be able to create a situation._x000D_
When it becomes difficult to continue business, consult a lawyer!_x000D_
No matter how hard you try, the individual business owners are more susceptible to economic trends and are not just people with stable business operations._x000D_
Therefore, it is likely to be driven to the situation that business continuity is difficult by all means._x000D_
However, it does not become a solution even if the hand is folded as it is._x000D_
First, let’s talk to a lawyer and talk about whether you should go bankrupt yourself._x000D_
Then, when you think that self-bankruptcy is reasonable, let’s take the procedure to the professional and aim at the solution early one day._x000D_
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