You need to know to protect yourself in dark gold Notes [masterpieces of caching:

The gold is coming! And the modus operandi to borrow in gold?
Even though gold gold of various tricks.
System financial 090 financial pension collateral financial referral shop organized shop press rental, etc.
You can gently solicit soliciting three-sided advertising FAX, newspapers, ads in magazines such as a poster on a telephone pole, a convenience store and the telephone.
Most scary is the way and obtain the personal information, send direct mail to individuals.
If you have obtained information such as address, phone number, family members spoil is that there may.
It is distant wanted the gold, but going in surprising and familiar place.
Law is unrelated to the gold! Why is gold dangerous?
General consumer finance from countries recognized as lending, you can open a registered company is the gold does not belong to it.
Gold is targeting those hard up for money.
And loans with exorbitant interest rates, you can request a repayment impossible.
Will come to collect up to the company with rental received their families and friends, Office and will be unable to repay.
The gold is trying to recoup the money anyway. Borrowing from different new repayment will not be able to escape from the dreadful collection gold and focus on the repayment of the darkness.
And repeating things like this which will come way out of debt hell.
It is people like this are prone to catch dark gold seller.
Only gold to vicious collection to increase the prospect of repayment to make borrowing from a number of gold, will not be able to escape only temporarily.
Will no longer pay easily lend gold is awesome!
Fully aware of the danger most is to borrow money from the gold.
Recently, many also recruitment website and mobile site.
You may end up accidentally contracted, and is difficult to distinguish between ordinary consumer loans and gold, increasing consumer loans that you can apply on the Internet.
If gold and knowing, knowing the gold and make sure to borrow not to step way out of debt hell, even a little early, and to consult a professional.
Don’t worry gold to consult a lawyer and have to do debt consolidation credit goes black.
Lawyers with expertise in solution of gold or judicial Scrivener.
Lawyer if you borrow from consumer finance in General and engage such experts to process only the dark gold seller.プロミス 久喜