To borrow money in the ion Bank loans?

Aeon Bank loans BIG established group has changed the ion bank card brand name 3/2017.
This is the Aeon Bank central shopping mall and Aeon town, so can freely consult, such as shopping and returning loans.
Aeon bank card features ion Bank takes a means of in-store branch in Aeon, Jonestown and other commercial facilities at banks and stores.
Does corporate sales, characterized by personal finance product offering provides loans in addition to products such as mortgages and student loans.
Aeon Bank, established in large stores of Aeon group series of approximately 130 locations nationwide (Aeon, Jonestown, etc.), all open from 9 pm until 9 pm.
I have set up consultation services in the shopping mall said Aeon Bank responded to the needs of users of the service. Characteristic of the ion Bank loans if 30000 Yen debt monthly repayment amount is 1, 000 available from without, even if 30000 yen borrowing affect the household that makes it possible in the shop I don’t have enough money that you can pay that
Loans from the standpoint of the housewife said.
Product specifications product name interest rate (per annum) credit limit amount of ion Bank loans 3.8%~13.8%10 million yen ~ 8 million yen * no income housewives (her husband) who have an income to a spouse until the maximum amount 500000 Yen application is possible. Aeon bank interest rates on borrowing limit amount interest rate 100000 Yen-900000 yen, 11.8%~13.8%100 million yen-¥ 1900000, 8.8%~13.8%200 million yen-¥ 2900000, 5.8%~11.8%300 million yen-3900000 yen, 4.8%~8.8%400 million yen-¥ 4900000, 3.8 %~8 10,000.8%500 yen-5900000 yen, 3.8%~7.8%600 million yen ~ 7900000 yen, 3.8%~5.8%800 million yen, 3.8% ion bank card limit is up to 1 million yen 100000 Yen
1 million yen amount in increments of ¥ 1 million will be over. Has received permanent residence permit for foreign nationals who have resided in terms and conditions and required documents submission conditions Japan domestic contract at age 20 years or older in 65 years of age who personally stable and continuous income can be expected for the part-time, self-employed,
Application is possible even housewives, students cannot offer.Recipients confirm support for the foreign resident card or special permanent resident certificate (change sides) * loan payment are, please present your driver’s license.
* 3 million yen exceeds the amount of the loan would income proof (copy of the withholding tax in the previous fiscal year, was issued within the last 3 months payslips and tax notice tax) will become necessary.
Website registration application how ion Bank loans.
Fill out the application form from the website until the loan flow ion Bank loans from the application of sends the necessary documents to upload from my page.
↓ review is done and the application is completed, on the same day the most answers.
* Vote if documents will be sent to his home.
↓ If ion bank account on the same day transfer is possible.
Cards arrive arrived of card if you don’t have an account with minimum 5 days available to.
Increasing the loan to borrow at these loans on the same day recently in Bank loans on the same day loan is possible.
You need ion Bank loans same day loans, in Aeon Bank ordinary deposit account has.
Because the required minimum 5 days to receive your card if you do not have account without loan on the same day.
Who plan to rent in Aeon Bank, it is strongly recommended prior to application for account opening.
Repayments how to repay monthly contracted repayments on 20 ion Bank ordinary withdrawals from your savings account will.
Any repayment is possible repayment from the shared network ATMs, ATM has to repay the monthly direct debit is required. Overdraft balance commitments payments month to 30000 Yen below 1,000 円 3万 Yen-50000 Yen below 2,000 円 5万 Yen-100000 Yen below 3,000 円 10万 Yen-200000 Yen below 5,000 円 20万 Yen-500000 pie below 10,000 円 50万 Yen-1 million yen 15 , 000 yen over 1 million yen-1500000 Yen below 25,000 円 150万 Yen-2 million yen below 30,000 円 200万 yen-3 million yen below 35,000 円 300万 Yen-5 million yen below 40,000 円 500万 Yen-6 million yen 50,
000 Yen Yen 6 million-7 million yen 60,000 円 700万 Yen 70000 Yen tie-up ATMs ATM of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank ATM free of charge available.
Tie-up convenience store ATM Lawson ATM, E-net, Yu post using the ion Bank ATM or affiliated ATM above two lines available bank fee becomes necessary, so if possible, we recommend.Review the purpose of the loans “to lend money, you’ll get back?
“The one thing to make sure the credit information agencies”personal credit information”that the reference in the examination.
When personally identifiable information card application status and repayment conditions other than repayment of credit cards and mobile phones phone bill purchased on an installment plan payment information until all activity listed.
So, if the past was delay in repayments and arrears at other financial companies during the year listed personal information.
If a difficult pass inspection if the past accident information contains personal information.
Possible accident information listed on credit information agencies, even if contrary to the financial crash was not affiliated with the mortgage company if you borrow money safely.
So you have to pass in the examination of the ion Bank loans, causing delay or detention becomes important.
Aeon Bank loans are two assurance company.
Normally speaking guarantor one seen is ion Bank loans guarantee company Aeon credit service co., Ltd. making loans at 2, ORIX Credit Corporation. And “passing to the surety company Orix credit, both with Aeon credit service examination and are not getting loans?
“And may think that it isn’t.
Applicant receives first review of Aeon credit service co., Ltd. affiliated with ion.
There are no problems if allowed to at this point, but would review fell in person.
People tend to think people fell into a review of Aeon credit service and immediately rejected, he could not take of Aeon credit service co., Ltd. is subject to review by Orix Credit Corporation.
Can say is that short assurance obtained one or the other, rather than through examination of two security companies allegedly financing system, guarantee company easy street review than the one card.
Aeon Bank benefits ion Bank loans is benefits unique to Internet banking for lower interest rates.
Aeon Bank loans interest rates lower interest of maximum 3.8% to 13.8% and maximum interest rates at less than 14.0% loans, loans to loans in the Koha is.
Also in Aeon Bank taking advantage of Internet banking, Internet banking if 24 hours at any time borrowing its convenience compared to general banking, far better ease of use is one of the benefits.沖縄県うるま市のプロミス店舗一覧検索