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And the specific mediation?
On how to organize the debt is a particular arbitration.
Said the particular arbitration may simply have lost Court with future payments between you and the lender.
And say a little more court Conciliation Commission will discuss each finance company and future repayment plans.
Specific mediation is notable individuals in filing the cost cheaper.
Petition procedure specific Arbitration Court in the petition in a court near your residence.
Feel that somehow the Court high threshold and will be debt settlement step may first ask on the phone.
At the beginning of the procedure should be handing out “particular arbitration complaint”, “list of creditors” and income calculation table.
Enter the name of the debt and the creditor list, total loans, monthly payments.
Income statement, income, such as salary, to fill out the living expenses such as food and utility bills.
Documents needed documents specific mediation required by the following four points. 1 the residence and find agreement / receipt / invoice / statement (such as) 3 descriptive documents finds balance in life (salary certificate / source listening / household / bank passbook, etc.) 2, borrowing, and asset documents (certified copy of / life insurance securities and vehicle inspection certificate, etc.) 4 (may need to court)
The cost is surprisingly cheaper specific mediation fit prepayment 郵券 and postage costs, will be about 700 yen per company.
If you want 10 specific mediate, you can file a petition at 7000 yen.
Costs for other transportation costs to court.
Specific arbitration on their feet at the Court lore in the seconded must create, whereas the strong will to solve in any arrangement need all lawyers to say anything.
To know how documents will be near the Court in consultation with the work.
Of course this text as a minimum prior knowledge is required.
This means that strong will to resolve is required because it involves the ability to take action.
Petition to stop collection that benefits one particular arbitration takes the complaint acceptance form, and then copy it to commercial lenders, notifies you by FAX or mail, commercial stops to your collection.
2, the total debt is reduced, or you no longer have to submit to court documents (receipts and contracts, etc.) and the Conciliation Commission to disclosure statements by debt survey.
Reduces the repayment amount in figuring the amount from debt upon debt research actual pay based on the interest rate restriction Act.

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